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When you buy from us there is support after the sale

Burnout Scooters of Asheville, North Carolina is proud to be the exclusive Bintelli and Adly dealership in Asheville. In researching the internet you can read all about the horror stories regarding the quality of the scooters being sold. When something went wrong there was no support to help figure out what was wrong, and once figured out it would take weeks to get the parts. A scooter ordered though one of the internet sites will come in a crate. It has to be put together, which can include wheels, batteries, handle bars, etc. And guess what? They don’t always start, so you may have to adjust the carburetor. So the money saved may not last long if you are not a mechanic. Check with the Better Business Bureau ratings on most of these internet sites, most get an F.

So we started to do a lot of research and found that not all Chinese made scooters were of the same quality, even though they look the same. We also found that some China manufacturers produce a high quality product. After hours of research we decided to go with only the best quality manufacturers from China and Taiwan. They build most of the parts that they use to manufacture the scooters they sell. This allows them to have more control over the quality of the scooters, unlike the other factories that only assemble scooters from parts they purchase from other suppliers, like the factories making the cheap scooters for the internet sellers.

When you purchase a scooter you need to not only look at the initial scooter purchase price, but also the cost of keeping the scooter running. This is called “Total Cost of Ownership”. The low quality scooters end up costing you more in parts and labor to keep them running, where they end up being more costly over the first year or two of ownership, then buying a good scooter to begin with.

Over the last 10 years Burnout Scooters of Asheville, North Carolina has sold and serviced many mopeds, scooters, and recreational vehicles and we have found that low quality scooters tend to start having problems within the first 30 to 90 days, and the cost of parts and labor to keep them on the road running during the first year of ownership far exceeds the cost of buying a higher quality scooter in the first place. With trial and error we’ve weaned out the manufacturers that did not meet our standards. The companies we represent only distribute though brick and mortar dealerships-no internet sales. This way you have someone you can actually talk to if needed. When you buy from us there is support after the sale because we want you to tell your friends. Please call, email, or stop in and we can show you how fun scooter riding is!

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